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1 - Pre-Production

Pre-Production is the total planning process we go through before any shooting takes place.


The pre-production process is as important as every other aspect of video production, thorough planning and preparation is the only way to ensure a satisfactory video programme which will fulfill your requirements and effectively communicate your message. Videography is not a word we would use but is becoming more common place so just in case we've missed a trick here it is again. Videography.

2 - Video Filming

We appreciate your busy schedule so our crew will aim to shoot your video with the minimum disruption.


A typical crew would be three, to include a cameraman, director & sound engineer, on occasions we may include the services of an autocue operator, production assistant or grip. There are occasions when only a cameraman is required. We are conscious about costs and only provide crew that are necessary to achieve a satisfactory recording and minimum of disruption

3 - Video Editing

We work with the industry standard "Apple Final Cut Pro"  broadcast quality editing software.

Video Editing

We have several Apple Macintosh multi core powered edit suites . During the editing process we have the ability add 2D & 3D motion graphics or know in the industry as CGI, voice over titles, music & special effects. Some projects require foreign voice overs or subtitles which can be added at the editing stage. These are some of the processes involved in making your corporate video production a high quality communication tool.

4. Video Mastering

When the editing has been approved, there is still more to do. Depending on the style of your corporate video programme, we grade and colour balance all the clips.

Video Mastering

We also go through the audio track and make sure all the voice levels are consistent and within tolerance, any music is adjusted so that it fades smoothly and runs at the correct level behind voice over or presenter.

Once we are happy with the final picture and sound adjustment we create a master HD (high definition video) digital file with a 422 colour sample depth suitable for broadcast or any other application. This then becomes the master that all encoding for internet video, CD-Rom & DVD-Authoring is created from. The advantage of having a video master in digital format is that it can be transmitted to clients or agencies around the world electronically over the internet.

5 - Content Delivery

This is the  final stage of corporate video production but is the stage that needs to be considered first, as how you decide to deliver your content will affect all other stages of production.

Content Delivery

We provide CD & DVD encoding, authoring & duplication facilities, along with encoding for the web eg. wmv,  MPG4 or H264, we can also give you a file optimised for YouTube viewing. Live broadcasting/video streaming is a new service we are providing. This will include live webinars from our studio just South of Birmingham in the West Midlands or our mobile studio service where we come to your office or event and live broadcast from there.

Visit our online store for CD & DVD duplication, encoding for the web service and other video facilities.

Video Production Services

AV Interactive video services throughout the West Midlands & Warwickshire:

Download Video Production Guide

Video Production PDF Guidewhy use video?

Commissioning a video production for the first time will probably seem like a daunting task if you don’t know the processes involved.  Download PDF Guide (1.34MB)