About 4K Video

We’re shooting 4K video ! What does this mean to you ?

By working with AVInteractive you know you’re working with a company that as well as having 25+ years of business experience is still keeping up
with technology and industry developments.

4K video is 4X the resolution of HD, you may ask "what’s the point, HD is fine for me” ?

Firstly you will be to a degree future proofing your investment that’s not to say image quality won’t go beyond 4K because it already has but it does
mean your programmes will be up there with the best quality available. The major video hosting platforms like Youtube & Vimeo can host and
playback 4K video, so why settle for less. Shooting in 4K also allows more flexibility when editing in HD for examples shots can be punched in or cropped without any loss in quality. An interview with one of your clients can be conducted more quickly by either only using one camera or doing less takes due to the ability to punch in closer at edit points, whilst we would prefer to use two cameras sometimes being able to work quickly and use less of the interviewees valuable time can be beneficial.