Balabit - a European IT security innovator


We were recommended to Balabit by an exisiting client in the IT industry. Balabit are a global company with bases throughout Europe and the US, the office we were dealing with was based in Hungary and our client had indicated that working with previous local suppliers had been a difficult and a protracted process. They had a requirement for an animated video to highlight the potential problems with security in IT systems and show how the Balabit system dealt with this problem.


We were concious of our client's previous experiences, our aim was to make the process as clear and efficient as possible. We did this initially by identifying the various steps in the process and attaching a responsibility to each step. This is very important in any production as there are areas in the intial stages that the client is responsible for and need to be fulfilled before we can progress the project. Typically these would be providing a clear brief and in this particular case providing the initial script. Due to the technical nature of the project it was important that the client wrote the initial draft script, we were then able to review this and adapt it for Voice Over.


The project was completed in time and within budget, and the end result is that the animation we produced is the first thing you view on the Balabit home page here


"Thanks for all your work.  I think the end product is great"

Balabit Chief Marketing Officer