Bollands Chartered Accountants


The client was looking for a video to promote their business and to explain why people should choose their accountancy service. The video needed to be no longer than 2 minutes and have a contemporary feel.


We suggested to the client that one of our 'Teleweb' packages would be a good fit for their brief, as it would give the client the opportunity to present themselves in front of their potential customers. Due to the technical nature of the subject the client wrote their own script with our assistance, we were able to provide them with an indicated word count that would match the ideal video duration.

The client attended a short session in our Green Screen Studio where the script was displayed on an autocue system in front of the camera. This made the process very easy for the client and the whole shoot was complete within an hour.

The client choose our 'Teleweb Gold' Package as they wanted to benefit from the additional text and bullet points included in this package to help reinforce the messages.


A great result and the client is currently planning a series of these informative videos.