Coventry University


The brief was to create a 2-3 minute character based animation that explained the benefits to staff of signing up to the Coventry University Rewards (CU rewards). 

The rewards offer significant savings and can form part of staff voluntary benefits.  The University are keen for all staff to sign up to CU rewards and start saving. To promote the scheme and to demonstrate that management have listened to staff, Coventry University want to communicate some of the key facts visually at a staff conference in January.

Coventry University

 The project began by creating a detailed action plan of a step-by-step process to help achieve the tight deadline of the project.  We began by creating the concept around a character (gender, name, job, age etc etc.) and producing a script that told the viewer about the rewards from the character's viewpoint. Highlighting the positive affects the scheme had on the characters life.  

Whilst script development was being carried out, the character design began its initial stages.  Once the concept for both script and character had been agreed production of the animation then began.  The script called for certain scenes to be integrated in to the animated video, so a level of background (staging) design also was created.  The video required a voiceover artist to voice the character and bring the script to life. Whilst the project was in the production stage auditions for the VO had been received.  

Once the VO had been selected from the auditions and also music had been selected from options supplied, these were then added to the animation. 


The finial version of the video was supplied to Coventry University within the deadline. The production had fulfilled its brief by effectively explaining how the Rewards scheme works, it did this within the desired time length of the video.