Crown Computing


We have produced numerous video programmes for Crown Computing, this particular project was an expert opinion on Productivity. This particular project was challenging as we had no location and B roll footage to support the interview so the only solution was a studio shoot.



For this particular project Crown engaged the services of Professor Dr Pietro Micheli from Warwick business school to discuss the topic of Productivity. During the Pre-Production discussions we agreed that an interview style would be more natural they wanted the discussion to seem like a casual conversation. The video was shot in our Green Screen Studio using two 4K cameras. The cameras were set up with a wide lens and a close up lens, this gives us the opportunity to cut between the shots from the two cameras, the benefit of using two cameras is two fold in this case, firstly that the shot can be varied for a more interesting viewer experience and secondly and most importantly that where any edits take place (removal of material) by cutting to the alternative shot makes the edits unnoticeable, this is very important for a video that has no B Roll or cutaway material which would normally help cover up edits.


The advantage of using the Green Screen Studio is generally filming time is reduced compared to location filming this particluar video only took 2 hours studio time to record a 10 minutes and a 2 miniute video, this is not always the case as some people require more takes however Pietro in this case was very good at getting it right first time. Filming on Green Screen also gives the opportunity to create a computer generated graphic location as the backdrop for the interview, this is limited by imagination only. The final version of the video is hosted on the Crown Computing Website.