AVInteractive were approached by Joseph Ash Galvanizing to quote for producing their corporate video. Joseph Ash Galvanizing have a number of plants throughout the UK each of which have a unique set of services. 

The client wanted to avoid a typical corporate video style with script and professional voice over yet still cover many of the specific features and benefits of the services they offer across a large geographic area.

Joseph Ash Screenshot

Joseph Ash have plants located in Hull, Chesterfield, Bilston, Walsall, Telford, Corby, Bridegend & Medway which cover the length and breadth of the country. To avoid using a Professional Voice over we decided to create the narrative content using statements from members of staff located throughout the business. What this achieved was to include regional accents  from a variety of areas in the UK and thus help emphasise the wide geographic area that the company operates in, it also made the video personal to the employees. 

We drew a plan to film in five of these plants which enabled us to cover the widest possible range of services that they offer. Some of these features included, The Longest, deepest & Widest Galvanizing Baths, shot blasting, powder coating, collection/delivery and on site storage. 

We chose to film the project using a large sensor format camera which enabled us to achieve a shallow depth of field and filmic look on all the shots. The majority of shots were also filmed using a moving camera support which adds a fluid dimension to the video. Short keyword motion tracked graphics were used to emphasise key points and these were anchored to moving objects in the video. We also used mini cameras attached to cranes to acquire some interesting perspectives.


The finial version of the video was supplied to Joseph Ash Galvanizing within the deadline. The production had fulfilled its brief by effectively explaining how the company operates.


 "The video helps reinforce that we're a Quality company with a Quality Product"
Mick Jackson IT & Marketing Manager