AVInteractive have made a number of videos for NHS Northampton working with Heather Robinson Ltd. ( http://heatherrobinson.co.uk ) who led the projects. The most recent project was a video to highlight the plight of carers at risk in the community and how they are relied on and not necessarily given the care they need themselves, a controversial video about what constitutes rape, highlighting a situation in which a girl and boy could unwittingly find themselves in, and the most recent video about Personal Health Budgets (PHB).

The PHB Video involved interviewing a number of patients about their experiences with PHB and interviews with experts about the pilot scheme.

The video was shot on location in Northampton. Heather Robinson co-ordinated all the video shoots and conducted the interviews. We used a large format camera to create a shallow depth of field and filmic look. The final video included graphics that matched the website branding.

The PHB video can be viewed here:

The rape Video was produced as a short drama using several local actors featuring a boy and a girl meeting on a night out. The video was shot using a large format shallow depth of field camera and a slider for the moving shots. We used CGI to create the post it note at the end of the video.

The ‘Rape Video’ can be Viewed here: