Corporate Video Production

Corporate or Business video is a generic term given to video productions which are specifically created for small, medium or large companies and usually promote products, services or internal and external activities of the company.

To be more specific any of the following programme types would be classed as a corporate or Business video production and we begin with the most obvious:
1. Marketing – Usually a 3 to 10 minute production promoting a company, its products & services.
2. Training – A programme specifically designed to teach and inform such topics as health & safety, staff training, management training, customer support, sales training, company induction or product training.
3. New product/concept launch – An ideal way to visually promote a new product or service. Start it off with a bang!
4. Exhibition – A video production specifically created to be played on loop at an exhibition or special event.
5. Promotional – Similar to Marketing above but generally very short.
6. Event videos - These could be an opening Video or Walk in Video for a conference or speaker support video. Videos produced of an event for dissemination after the event are sometimes referred to as "Cascade Videos) or shorter event summary or montage videos.

For examples of some of our corporate video please have a look at the "our-work" link at the top of the page.