Infographic, Kinetic Text & Explainer Videos

Info Graphic Videos can be referred to as Kinetic text or explainer videos. These videos are generally created using purely computer graphics (as the name suggests). They can be produced without any live footage being filmed which can be beneficial where it may be difficult to attain suitable footage.

Info Graphic Videos can be based on animated text following a Voice over to emphasise key words or sometime all the words, they can include animated icons & sound effects (SFX) to create a more engaging presentation.

Generally our Infographic Kinetic text Animations are bespoke for each client such as this example below for the PA Consulting Conference Opening Video...

Bespoke Example 1(PA Consulting Conference Opening Video)

Bespoke Example 2 (Heather Robinson Live Communication - Website)

Bespoke Example 3 (Balabit - Website)

 Please contact us for pricing on Bespoke and off the shelf Infographic text animations.

Off the Shelf Infographic Videos

..... however we have a range of short off the shelf text animations in a variety of styles and moods, that can be easily and cost effectively adapted to your business. You can add in your Logo, text, photos and brand colours and they're good to go.  Just provide us with your content and we'll quickly and cost effectively adapt it to your business....

Off the shelf Infographic text animations are produced in 4K top quality resolution and cost £350+vat, for Bespoke Infographic videos please call for a quotation.

Examples of some of our off the shelf text animation templates...


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