Inspire Insurance

Inspire Insurance

This explainer video was created for Inspire Insurance to help introduce potential new customers to the services they provide.

The animation is character based and lead by a professional voiceover artist. The videos have been created in 4K resolution and embracing the Inspire Insurance brand guidelines. The video displays a mix of text animation, icon animation and character animation to ensure the video is engaging and clear with its messaging.

A series of seven supporting explainer animations were also created for this project. These were designed to be shared on social media and were purposely created under 1 minute each. An example from this series can also be seen above.


We customised illustrations to insure that the graphical elements are in-keeping with the Inspire Insurance brand guidelines.

Animated infographics

Using a mix of character and icon graphics. Bespoke animated infographics were created to explain insurance processes and offerings within Inspire Insurance.

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