The majority of our work is bespoke and as such for those new to commissioning video may find it a little daunting. There are many factors that affect the cost of a video and the more comprehensive the brief the more accurately we are able to quote, creating a comprehensive brief may not be that easy for people new to video. For these reasons we have created a selection of packages which clearly identify what you will get and how much they will cost. These packages can of course be a starting point for a bespoke video, if you need to adapt them we will be happy to discuss any modifications and cost implications.


Our Teleweb web video package gives you the opportunity for you to present your business, services or products on camera for your website immediately creating a rapport with visitors. Teleweb is a low budget web video option without compromise in quality, we achieve this by effeciency and offering a selection of pre-designed videos. We have 3 Teleweb web video Packages tp choose from, Bronze, Silver & Gold. Bronze starting at just £175+vat. We have a dedicated page for all our Teleweb packages.

Our Top Gold Package includes the following benefits...

Feature 1One Hour Studio film time with camera autocue Yes
Clock Editing up to 60 second video Yes
HeadphonesRoyalty free music license with web clearance Yes
Contact Details Your company logo and details start and finish Yes
Background ColoursStandard background from our selection Yes
ID BadgeName strap Yes
Youtube Logo Icon MP4 format - perfect for websites and Youtube Yes
FontYour company font selection Yes
PhotographsPhotographs and/or imagesInformation Yes
Bullet pointsBullet point listsInformation Yes
Magic WandAnimated iconsInformation Yes

Teleweb optional extras include Script Writing, Professional presenter & multibuy discount.

"News Report"

Our News Report is a 4 to 5 minute video introduced by a professional TV presenter and can include interviews with staff & clients along footage of products and services. The key feature about the "News Report" is that it is produced in a single day. It is generally suitable as promotional video for a new product or information about a business, which makes it a great video to blog on your website or social media. Because we are able to turn around the whole project in a day it enables us to keep the cost down. The "News Report" Costs £1499+vat (+travel costs over 50 miles) Our "News Report" includes the following benefits...

Feature 1 A corporate video completed in a day Yes
 Background Colours 4K Location filming at your business Yes
ClockEditing up to 5 minute video Yes
Magic WandProfessionally presented Yes
 HeadphonesRoyalty free music license with web clearance Yes
 Feature 8Interviews with key staff and or clients Yes
ID BadgeName straps on interviewees Yes
Feature 8Filming around your business Yes
FontYour company font selection Yes
Photographs Your company logo and details start and finish Yes
Feature 4Edited on location completed the same day Yes
Youtube Logo IconMP4 format - perfect for websites and Youtube Yes

This video package is produced in the style of a 3rd party investigative documentary much like the news reports we see every day on TV. It has the advantage of appearing impartial with regard to your products & services. It's ideal for businesses with NEWS i.e recent awards or new products or services. A comprehensive high quality corporate video completed in a day £1499.00 + VAT.

"The Promo Video"

Our Promo Video is usually between 5 and 7 minutes and probably the most typical type of video production we do. It is more comprehensive than the "News Report" and involves an element of pre-production and logistics planning. Script Writing, storyboard, 2 days location filming with 2 crew, 2 x 4K cameras and support kit, professional voice over with artist search, audition and short listing and studio recording, music license, encoding and archiving. A complete Promo Video package for £4995.00+vat (including travel within 50 miles) ready to upload to your website. Our "Promo Video" benefits include....

Feature 1 Two days 4K location filming  2 cameras Yes
Clock Editing up to 7 minutes video Yes
HeadphonesRoyalty free music license with web clearance Yes
Feature 4 Your company logo and details start and finish Yes
Background ColoursPre-Production, Script 7 Storyboard Yes
ID Badge Interviews with staff, or clients Yes
Magic Wand Your Company branding & Font Yes
Feature 8Professional Voice Over from short list Yes
Font Project and data archived for future use Yes
PhotographsGraphics & Text as required Yes
Bullet points Call to action and contact details Yes
Youtube Logo IconMP4 Format perfect for Youtube & Websites Yes

In general this would include a detailed script, storyboard voice over etc. Two days 4K location filming with 2 cameras and required peripheral equipment to produce a top quality video that will portray your business image. Despite the name this can be applied to other requirements such as Health & safety, Case Studies, internal communications etc. Our comprehensive corporate video promo package suitable for any business £4995.00 + VAT.